Walking therapy offers you the chance to literally move at your own pace, embracing the changing landscape and becoming more one with yourself in nature. You don’t have to be fit as each session caters to your needs no matter what level of fitness, the focus is not on how far or fast you walk but on being out amongst nature with a compassionate guide. Walking side by side with your therapist is often experienced by clients as less intimidating. This gentle form of exercise helps stimulate and develop new neural pathways, promoting problem solving just as nature intended. If you prefer a meditative, relaxing session of walking or a more active, fast-paced session, our therapists can match your pace.

Clients have reported that the combination of being outdoors, at one with nature alongside a therapist, has inspired them to consider new approaches to grounding their problems.

Some people have asked us about confidentiality while walking, although a possibility that you might come across someone you know, it is highly unlikely as Pensthorpe offers in excess of 200 acres to explore; embracing nature trails, bird hides and walk-through aviaries into the natural surroundings of the nature reserve. Walking therapy is particularly recommended for those who might suffer from anxiety and depression as well as other mental health problems.

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