Integrative psychotherapy is a combined flexible approach to psychotherapy which brings together different schools of therapy, for example Humanistic therapiespsychoanalytical, psychodynamic therapiescognitive behavioural therapies and transpersonal therapies.

At Verbatim we believe that no single therapeutic approach meets the need of every client. We aim to facilitate wholeness by helping you integrate the emotional, behavioural and cognitive parts of your personality. We believe that you are more than your behaviour and we value you as a whole person: body; mind and spirit. As such we tailor our approach to your needs creating a bespoke Psychotherapy Service. If you are committed to active self-exploration and identifying what lies beneath current concerns then integrative psychotherapy is for you.

Verbatim’s therapists will help you face each moment openly and authentically without prejudice. This enables you to better focus on the fears and hurts that limit your psychological freedom. We will help you identify specific triggers that may be causing disruptive patterns of behaviour. 

Through the therapeutic relationship, which we value highly, a shared understanding is co-created. It is this awareness which empowers you to start setting goals and practice new behaviours.

Verbatim therapists understand that the most effective therapy requires the therapist to be non-judgemental, interpersonal and intent on establishing a supportive and cooperative relationship with you. Our therapists engage in deep, attentive listening without the pre-suppositions that can distort understanding. Due to the in-depth exploration of issues and setting of goals, integrative counselling typically requires a substantial investment of time. The length of the therapy will depend on: the severity of the issue; nature of the presenting and underlying problem and the therapeutic goals set.

The fee for a 1 hour therapy session is £60 payable by cash or cheque at the end of the session.

If you would like to book a therapy session please use the enquiry form to the right.