Members of our team have spent a number of years working with children and young adults that have, for a variety of reasons, been very emotionally vulnerable and have struggled with mainstream education. These have included children: in care or going through the process of adoption; that have been bullied; that due to their learning difficulties perceive that they have continuously failed academically; that have a mental health conditions or have social and communication difficulties.

These sessions allow for the children or young adults to explore their fears and frustrations. We work together to find their strengths and how they learn best so that they can apply this to their study. We plan very specific and achievable goals so that the process doesn’t become overwhelming with lots of built in repetition to consolidate their understanding. Each session allows time for the students to discuss any anxieties or difficulties they have faced during the week.

What age do you tutor?

We work with pre-school and school age children from reception to A-Level

What do they need to bring?

All resources are provided including drinks and snacks which are negotiated in the first session with parents/carers approval.

Many children like to bring their homework/specific school books so that they can work through any difficulties and we can help build in a timetable to help them to finish the work.


All teaching happens in our beautiful setting at Pensthorpe which has the capacity for all types of learning from curling up in our big relaxing chairs, plenty of open space for active study, working on tablets as well as the more traditional sitting at a table! With the ability to open one side of the room up to the outdoors – children love working whilst being open to nature and fresh air – snuggly blankets provided!

Final thought…

All previous school refusers that we have worked with are now settled within special and mainstream schools; with my first case in their second year of University and living life to the full.

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