Here at Verbatim we are in the position to offer a unique service. We have extensive experience in Education, Special Educational Needs and Disability. We work in close partnership with other health and social care professionals, local, special and private schools, Norfolk Children’s Services, Virtual School and Special Resource Bases.

Our offer includes:

  • Alternative Provision
    • Verbatim is an alternative education provider, specialising in creating a therapeutic education setting for a portion of their education who might be struggling to access provision in their current setting due to trauma. We create a unique blend of education, outdoor education, forest school and therapeutic intervention for a child centred holistic approach.
  • School Support Team work
    • This can be tailor made to to suit the needs of the schools we work with. Typically, we offer guidance and support to teachers, senior leaders and SENDCo’s on how best to meet the needs and support the learning of children with special educational, behavioral, emotional or physical needs.
    • Where required we conduct onsite learning observations and cognition and learning assessments if there are concerns about specific learning difficulties.
  • Cognition and learning assessments including dyslexia diagnosis
    • Parents can approach us privately if they are concerned that their child may have an underlying learning difficulty such as dyslexia.
  • Private tuition
    • 1:1 tuition in English or maths across the primary age range and KS3
  • Therapeutic tuition
    • as above but more for children who have anxiety and low self esteem around learning