Attachment and Trauma CPD Feedback

We are so pleased with the feedback from recent training we delivered to Corpusty and Foulsham Primary Schools about childhood attachment and trauma that we just had to share it…

I found the training really informative and inspiring. Understanding the relationship between attachment and behaviour really fascinates me and it has inspired me to keep learning and find out more to then use in school (and everyday life!). I have a bit of background knowledge of this from my degree and really enjoyed refreshing my memory and delving into the reasoning behind certain behaviour. It was also really helpful to chat to Ellen about certain children in school and how to support them in the future.

I am now going into the new school year with an increased awareness of the importance of children’s attachment styles and strategies, and the fact that children ‘act out’ when they are with a trusted adult. Practically, I will look to introduce time for circle time type activities and ‘bubble time’.

It has made me more aware of reasoning behind children’s behaviour and how to respond.

It was a lovely day. Ellie and Jim are both incredibly approachable and have made me have a thirst for learning more about child psychology and trauma!

We run many courses for schools and other settings relating to attachment, trauma, brain development behaviour management and many others. If you are interested in a course for your setting please contact us through of fill in the enquiry form to the right.

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